Concrete mixing station consists of mixing console, material handling systems, material weighing system, material storage and control systems and other five major system components. A. Mixing console

Mixer stirring their way into forced mixing and self-loading mixing. Compulsory mixer mixing station is the main domestic and international use, it can be stirred liquidity, semi-rigid and rigid and other dry concrete. Since the fall mixing foam concrete mixer in india price console main stirring fluidity concrete, it is rarely used in the mixing station.

II. Material Handling System

Material Handling consists of three parts. Aggregate transportation; mixing station currently has a hopper conveyor and conveyor belt conveyor in two ways. Advantages bucket elevator is a small footprint, simple structure. Advantages belt conveyor is transporting distance, high efficiency, low failure rate. Conveyor belt is mainly used to aggregate the temporary storage of mixing station, mixing station to increase productivity. Powder conveying; concrete available powder mainly cement, fly ash and slag. Currently powder conveying screw conveyor is used by general transport, large mixing floor there is the use of pneumatic conveying and the AFC. Advantages of the screw conveyor is simple in structure, low cost, and reliable. Liquid delivery mainly refers to water and liquid additives, which are respectively delivered by the pump.

III. Material weighing system

Material weighing system is affecting the quality of concrete and concrete production cost of key components, divided into aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing three parts. Under normal circumstances, 20 cubic meters per hour or less mixing station superposition weighing methods that aggregate (sand and stone) with a pair of scales, a scale with cement and fly ash, water and liquid additive were weighed and then put into the water, diesel concrete mixer for sale in china said liquid additive premixed infighting. In more than 50 cubic meters per hour, mixing station, said the use of various materials weighing separate ways, all have adopted electronic weighing scales and computer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy ≤2%, cement, powder, water and additives weighing accuracy have reached ≤1%

IV. Material storage systems

Substantially the same concrete materials available for storage. Aggregate open dumps (and there are large-scale urban commercial concrete mixing station with a closed silo); powders with fully enclosed steel silo storage; admixture steel container.

Product Category

Use is mechanized concrete mixing concrete mixer, the type more, classification and characteristics are as follows.

By classification practices

⑴ way divided by job rotation jobs and continuous operation two. Loop mode of operation of feeding, mixing, discharging three processes is based on a certain time interval cycle, namely by mixing parts. Since the mixing of various materials have been accurately diesel concrete mixer for sale in india weighed, so mixing quality. We use this type of practices. The above-mentioned three processes continuous mode of operation is a longer cylinder body continuously. Although their productivity than the circulation mode of operation is high, but because of the mixing ratio of each material, the mixing time is difficult to control, so the stirring of poor quality. Use less. Classification by mixing method